•  History

    Greenarch architecture + environment sprl is a global architecture, design, and planning firm located in Brussels, Belgium. We are distinguished by an unwavering commitment to our clients’s success. Everything we design, from the innovations we imagine to the value we deliver, reflects our clients’s priorities and their opportunities for sustained success.

  • Objectives

    Greenarch listens to our clients, their clients and employees, and to the multiple stakeholders involved in any project. Our process is interactive and truly client-centric because we know that the more collaborative we are, the more value clients gain from the power of design.

  • Projects

    No less important than those principles is our commitment to the sustainability and excellent delivery of our design solutions, building our clients’ confidence in the quality of our ideas as well as the process of making them reality.

  • Creativity

    We combine creativity with our local and international expertise to support clients in an extremely diverse business community such as the corporate, professional services, interior design, financial, law firm, diplomatic (embassy), housing and retail sectors. We enquire, explore, listen, challenge, collaborate and test boundaries to create enabling environments for our clients.

  • Design

    Our knowledge of workplace trends and innovations from typically non aligned businesses informs our work and your environment. Our retail practice provides an interesting glimpse into customer interaction and the experience of the ˜journey” through an environment, an example of how our multi-disciplinary expertise will enhance the discussions and contributions to your project.