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Location : Brussels, Rue du Taciturne 34
Period : 2017-2018
Area : 650 sqm

This historical Monument art nouveau style made by the famous Belgian architect Paul Saintenoy in 1900, had to be fully renovated. The Historical House located 34 rue Taciturne had been integrated with other buildings in a large office complex for the state administration use in the 90ies. The aim was to restore the existing façade as it was, with color and material investigations from the origin, with the service of the Historical Monument of the Region. The stone façade was completely cleaned and the damaged stone relief were reproduced as they previously were. The original windows of the façade were painted and restored (with the metallic elements (structure, balconies…) too). The roof was also renovated. The interior is mainly occupied with a gorgeous wooden staircase which distributes different rooms with varied ceiling heights. The wooden floors and existing ceilings with sculptures were also renovated to create a nice office space.

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