• Project description

    In 2008 FieldFisher (formely Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW)) was created by 3 belgian partners in a small house. But after 2 years this Law firm expanded their needs and the 1100 m2 were not sufficient. FFW decide to move into a more contemporary office building Boulevard Louis Schmidt in Brussels. The aim was to design the new layout for 2600 m2 in the new office building called Arsenal. With 85 lawyer s office, 5 meetings rooms, as well as extensive library surrounding the reception area, the layout is created to be highly efficient. The materials used for furniture are made with wood colours and finishes. Glass in the upper part of each cupboard in the corridors allows the natural light to spread into the corridors. The indirect lighting in the upper part of the cupboards in the corridors provides a warm atmosphere in the whole office. The space created allows this Law firm to be highly efficient.

  • Facts

    • Location: Brussels, Boulevard L. Schmidt
    • Type : office
    • Period : 2008 and 2010 and 2017
    • Area : 2600
    • Contractor : Simillion

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