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Core Equity Holdings

Location : Brussels, Avenue Louise 326
Period : 2017-2018
Area : 900 sqm

Brussels, Avenue Louise 326

Core Equity Holdings are a highly differentiated investment advisors aiming to provide patient capital to a handful of platform companies in Europe. They decided to enlarge their office located in the IT tower by moving into the Blue Tower on the 21st floor on avenue Louise. The architectonic and interior design project of one thousand squared meters (1000 m2) is the result of the collaboration between Greenarch and Barbara De Prest decorator.
This design was born from a floor plan, which collides into one of the best 360º views of the city. The project presents a design of spatial cleanliness that masterfully resolves all of the clients’ needs.
Designed to inspire creativity and collaboration among the client’s growing team, Greenarch created an open office layout, comprised of communal workspaces and individual closed offices. A variety of lounge areas, and a break out room were also installed and furnished with couches and tables to foster collaboration, conversation and team-building among employees. Additionally, two glass-walled conference rooms were added and outfitted with the latest technologies. To create a bright and airy workplace, Greenarch used a monochromatic palette that leverages the office’s natural light. In addition to the tonal neutral color, the interior designer incorporated bold black and white elements to make the space feel crisp and clean.

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