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Multi housing F

Location : Brussels, Chaussée de Charleroi 94-96
Period : 2017
Area : 2 000 sqm

The client is a French former Industrial director in the Mineral water sector. After living in Brussels for 10 years, he decide to buy two early houses from the last century chaussée de Charleroi in Brussels near the Place Stephanie in order to create 11 luxury apartments. The project was to enlarge the size of the 2 existing houses by creating an additional 3 levels and to reach the neighboring property limits at the back. A parking under the garden is also designed. The 2 last levels were designed to create a magnificent duplex with 4 bedrooms, a TV room and a large living room, kitchen, dining and a surrounding wooden terrace. A suspended garden with Jacuzzi and a bar was created at the top. Every room and all the walls were carefully designed to meet the client’s wishes. Each apartment has a large terrace at the back and the lower levels have a private garden.

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