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Greenarch architecture + environment sprl is a global architecture, design, and planning firm located in Brussels, Belgium.
We are distinguished by an unwavering commitment to our clients’s success. Everything we design, from the innovations we imagine to the value we deliver, reflects our client’s priorities and their opportunities for sustained success.

Jean-François Roger France

Architect, MA

Jean-François Roger France
David Droesbeke

David Droesbeke




No less important than those principles is our commitment to the sustainability and excellent delivery of our design solutions, building our clients’ confidence in the quality of our ideas as well as the process of making them reality.

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Our approach

We strive to create innovative buildings which have integrity and that are conceptually clear as well as environmentally responsible. We see each project as unique and begin our work process by carefully considering the existing conditions so that we can unlock undeveloped opportunities hidden in every site. Our observations inform a response that is unique to each building and its context.


We develop our ideas further through analyzing precedents and building techniques while at the same time making architectural models and three-dimensional drawings to reinforce our ideas. As a result, our buildings emerge from a clear concept and well-defined architectural language that informs the detail design process.

« A happy and satisfied customer is our best reward and advertisement »

Greenarch Copyright
Greenarch Copyright

Environmental sustainability

Consideration of environmental sustainability is an integral part of our design process. Starting with the careful site or building selection, orientation of buildings, relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces, selection of building material and appropriate strategies, the placement of window/ door openings can all help maximize the natural lighting and ventilation, reduce heat gain/ losses, thus resulting in more comfortable and healthy living environments.

The Company is ECOLABELISED 2006/105/2 by the IBGE BIM



  • Building Architecture/Interior Design

  • Planning and Urban Design

  • Building Design Consultation

  • Branding/Graphic Design



  • Strategic Consulting

  • Information Management Consultation

  • Building construction management

  • Facility Management Support



  • Retail Architecture/Design/Rollout

  • Space Planning

  • Tenant Development



  • Landscape architecture

  • Sustainable and auditing




Contact us

Greenarch Copyright
Greenarch Copyright
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Rue du Ham street, 126 / bte. 30
1180 Brussels

+32 (0)2 374 29 34

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