About us

Architect – Partners

Jean-Francois ROGER FRANCE – Arch (Dipl UCL) MA (AASchool London)
David DROESBEKE – Arch (Dipl ULB)

Architectural team – associates

Laure BIGO

For their participation thanks to :

Tanguy Glorieux – Nicolas Parent – Caroline Voortman – Sophie Roelants – Maud Renard – Marie Van Nieuwenborgh – Thibault Nerincx – Charlotte Marien – Sophie Guillaume – Laura Schmidt – Olivia Verhaeghe – Margaux Flamand – Gaëtan Desneux – Valentina Rigoni – Giulia Esposito – Adrien Dubois – Julie Nader – Caroline Pion – Charlotte Lisart – Bastien Lefevre – Mylène Cirius – Marcela Rufino Rocha

Internship :  Adrien Gesulfo – Shannon Remy – Viktoria Vieu – Justine Cousin – Théophile Courtin – Julie Vanbruaene – Lorraine Motte – Margaux Haquenne – Camille Sepulchre

Who we are

GREENARCH architecture + environment sprl is an architectural practice existing since 2003. The office is present in various architectural and construction consultancy issues. The Practice has been founded by Jean-François Roger France architect specialised in sustainable architecture (MA at the AA School of Architecture London and lecturer at the St Luc School of Architecture in Brussels) with lots of architectural references in tertiary building, industrials, housing, refurbishment and internal architecture. By their experience of more than 12 years in the most important and prestigious architectural practices in Brussels (Samyn & Partners, Art & Build, ..) most of the architects of the Practice have been developed the knowledge on various important and difficult projects in Belgium (Brussels and surroundings), Paris, French riviera and Geneva.

We work across the economy, benchmarking our clients for best practices. That is led us to invest in learning and technology, streamline the delivery of our services, and share knowledge across our global network of teams to benefit our clients and projects.

Once, design was considered a dispensable luxury. Today, as we shift from a material culture to one that puts the highest value on comfort, beauty, and environmental sustainability, design has become an essential part of our lives.

At Greenarch architecture + environment Office, we think of interior and exterior spaces as the “objects” of architectural design. Our priority is to refine our approach to those objects and develop design concepts that create rich environments. With nearly 15 years of experience behind us, we feel confident that our versatile team of professional designers and network of outside experts can meet our clients’ evolving needs. 
We aim to create high-quality architectural spaces that we can be proud to hand down to the next generation.



Working with international architectural practices based in USA, UK and New Zealand, GREENARCH architecture + environment sprl is part as a real integrated team (local architect) in partnership for some important projects in Belgium, France and Switzerland.